How many are there?

Erection drugs are many since every manufacturer wants to have his own brand and wants to sell It to the largest possible number of customers. There are the originals and generic and there is no difference in effectiveness or their characteristics apart from different branding and marketing. There has never been a wider offer for a customer to choose from than now, with products raging from a to z just waiting for you to buy them. And you might rest assured, because all these products are properly tested so no harm awaits you, if you are acting according to the information on the back of every package.

Say the word and we bet it’s some kind of drug

It doesn’t really matter what is the name but more important is what compound it contains. Since many men might be allergic to one, they might just as well try the others from the same family. Every erection drug will have the same effect on the body – relaxing the tension of blood cells and allowing more blood to flow into the penis. But it’s always the way, not the end of the road that decides. It might even be the dose. The possibilities are almost limitless, and you are the one to make the decision.

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